About Kristy

Navigating the world of events and catering is not a piece of cake. Without systems, operations, branding and a solid marketing plan, it’s easy to see this as more work than it’s worth. But the ROI when done right is a game changer. That's where Kristy comes in. With years of work in restaurants, events and catering, she knows how to build these systems and streamline your operations. Let her take the pain out of this process and put the money in your pocket.

Kristy is a special hybrid of foodie, creative event planner and spreadsheet, number loving nerd. She’s worked every Front of House restaurant position possible and knows the restaurant industry inside and out. This particular combo of experience, education and knack have made her a bit of a specialist in this world of catering and private events in the restaurant industry. 

Outside of work life, Kristy is an avid at home cook and semi-professional wine drinker. She enjoys epics cups of coffee while reading, snugs with her pup Henry and bike ride with her boyfriend Anthony.